Black Ants with Larvae

Remove Termites (aka “White Ants”) & Termite Control

Termites (also known as white ants) can cause untold damage to your Perth home or business. They can attack the underlying structure of a building without you even noticing. It takes a qualified pest inspector like Alex to get rid of the problem at the source. Densely populated areas are most at risk because of a larger concentration of buildings and therefore untreated wooden supports. Termites love wood.

Worker Black Ant

Signs of Termites

Termites leave no trace of destruction on the surface. When you see what termites can do to wooden structures behind the scenes, it’s easy to see why annual and comprehensive termite inspections are so important.

How to Find Termite Damage

You will very rarely ever see an actual termite. Here are some of the signs that you might find around your home or business that might lead you to a termite problem.

  • Hollow sounding wood or wall
  • Damaged skirting boards
  • Cracks in a cornice
  • Door jams, or tight-fitting windows
  • Termite “mud”

Termites eat timber from the inside out, often leaving a veneer of wood or paint. Tapping a wall lightly will result in a hollow sound. Sometimes you can hear the termite “mud” falling within the tunnels that they have made – like a light whisper of sand falling through the various hollowed-out layers of destruction. This termite “mud” can cause swelling which can trap moisture, resulting in door or window jamming. Structural integrity or cracks can form when things are really bad.